Exploring the Extraordinary

Uncovering a common thread within the local and global community to simply discover a sense of self and surroundings. This is our take on “Purposeful Integration.”

Wellness and adventure inspire a journey of living in coastal regions while cruising and sailing, enjoying plant-based foods and practicing yoga. It all began in 2006 while living in Southern California. Here, Bruce and I experienced the possibilities of fresh seasonal vegetables in the hospitality industry. Just a short time later we were introduced to the more unusual specialty food items, herbs, tonics and ever expanding methods of preparation that the region offered. Our Next stop was Myrtle Beach, SC in 2008 where we found our Ashtanga yoga practice and shared many afternoons making juices, smoothies and colorful plant-based dishes with friends and family. Finally in 2009 we made it to our first boat show in Miami and also found Miami Life Center where we continue to receive guidance along the yoga path.

Bruce has spent over twenty years in restaurants across the U.S. from bartender to manager with highlights including two James Beard dinners. I have spent over ten years in the arts, as well as a good amount of time working in the dining rooms of luxury hotels including Montage, Laguna Beach. We came together with a concept inspiring others to enjoy vibrant plant-based foods and yoga by the sea. Modalities of healing have long captured our hearts and we like to integrate aspects into every day opportunities. We wish to express that there are small ideas and beautiful take-aways for everyone to implement.

Bruce and I learned to sail small boats at The Newport School of Seamanship in 2010 and by the end of the year we were living aboard a 27ft Catalina in Dana Point. We sold our sailboat a year later to travel and study yoga for the next five years getting a taste for workshops, intensives, work study and an apprenticeship. Now we are located on Miami Beach in South Florida. Bruce works for the world renowned yacht charter company, The Moorings. He has spent time working as a mate in the South Florida Region, the Dominican Republic, Bahamas and Bermuda, all the while working towards his captain’s license. I am working towards plant-based chef credentials.

Together we hope to add to the creative coastal community.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to connecting with you!


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