Shop Small & Plant Coral!

Our goal today is to plant some coral! We are donating a percentage of our print sales to the Coral Restoration Foundation located in Key Largo. By participating in Small Business Saturday we hope that we can contribute to our local threatened reefs in a thoughtful way.

The ocean is truly magical and I often find myself wading in clear, sparkling water eager to spot marine life. Bruce and I made an exciting discovery a couple weeks ago when we found a starfish resting on soft white sand! It was absolutely amazing in all its wonderful underwater detail. Just about a month ago we swam with two manatees; a beautiful experience with such gentle giants passing by close to shore. The painful part is walking to and from the beach where garbage litters the streets and sand. From plastic bags and discarded cups to styrofoam take-out containers and those little plastic tooth cleaners that seem to be everywhere… The debris that never makes it to the garbage in all reality is quite close to many receptacle points and while some of it gets picked up, some of it ends up in the sea. Garbage is only a small part of what damages our reef systems but for me it is what I come in contact with day in and day out. The ocean is my home so naturally I want to protect it.

This year we are providing a 50% coupon code for art prints found on Tidal Transition, our online shop dedicated to the natural and built environment. Please use the code found on the Tidal Transition home page at check out.

Thanks for your support!

Artist and explorer creating work around dynamic expressions of spacial navigation. Kelly moves through studies in prototype motorcycle racing, yoga, sailing and cycling resulting in sculptural OLED installations.

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